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Protect your Industrial Assets For a Lifetime


Thin Film Technology produces dozens of industrial protective coatings for concrete, timber, metal and more. We invite the opportunity to customize a solution for your unique industrial or municipal asset protection challenge.  Here are just a few features and benefits of our products:


  • Reinforce smooth and protect worn concrete from chemical/weather damage

  • Long lasting protection to pipelines and other remote industrial or oilfield assets

  • Protect the interior and exterior surfaces of industrial storage tanks diminishing typical down-cycle maintenance intervals, and savings millions 

  • Resistant to Environmental weather conditions, extreme heat and cold, moisture, hydrocarbons and many volatile substances and chemicals

  • Rapid Cure Times, putting your assets back to work right away.

  • Protect your plant and equipment with our products and expand scheduled maintenance intervals. 

  • Excellent After Sale Service

  • Clear for domestic or international shipping

  • Free Phone Consultation To Find Out

             EXACTLY What You Need Or If You

             Need Customization

    -Creating Custom Industrial Coatings since 1986-

Contact us below to place an order, discuss your unique challenge and to receive the appropriate Product Safety Data Sheets.  Onsite inspections and consultations are recommended and can be arranged.

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