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Slope Bank Dock / Shoreline 

Erosion Protection

There are five major conditions that is causing erosion along the bank of the slope of the dock which includes: precipitation, runoff water, wave action, tidal and wind erosion. The best defense to minimize erosion is to armor the slope to minimize erosion from these external forces. Typical armoring for slopes along a dock consist of:

  • Rip Rap

  • Shotcrete

  • Concrete Cloth

  • Revetment Mat

  • Reno Mats

  • Vegetated/TRM

  • Poured Concrete

  • Articulate Blocks

While we ALWAYS defer to and pass along the engineer's recommendations, Wellsite Marketing is a proud dealer of Clockspring/NRI's Concrete Cloth™, a new anti-erosion technology that is more cost effective, durable, and easy to install. Concrete Cloth™ is very widely used for anti erosion and other applications. In fact, here are photos of it's use in the Port of Houston

If you are trying remediate the shoreline of an important waterway for your business.  Give us a call today to discuss your needs and best options.

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